transfer pricing documentation

Transfer pricing documentation

BUFIKS specializes in developing transfer pricing documentation for transactions with a related entity, in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Income Tax Act, the Personal Income Tax Act as well as implementing regulations and OECD guidelines.

The documentation is prepared in close cooperation with the client’s financial services.

Our goal is to provide tax security to our clients. Transactions between related entities will include among others, substantive analysis of the course of the transaction, analysis of the assets involved, as well as the analysis of risks incurred by related entities.


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Valuations and analysis

The need to prepare a valuation of the enterprise or selected assets may result from the planned merger or acquisition, purchase or sale, transformation or reorganization of the business, division or merger.

The BUFIKS company has experience in the preparation of:

  • Valuation of enterprises, organized parts of enterprises, stocks or shares;
  • Assets impairment tests (IAS 36, KSR No. 4)


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Transformations of economic entities

At the stage of preparation for the merger, division or transformation of business entities – under the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code (Commercial Companies Code) – it is necessary to prepare a transformation plan. The transformation plan, along with all appendices required by the Commercial Companies Code, is prepared by experienced lawyers and statutory auditors. The transformation plan is submitted together with other documents to the District Court of the National Court Register.


The BUFIKS company has experience in establishing a plan of:

  • Mergers of companies;
  • Division of companies;
  • Separation of an organized part of the enterprise;
  • Transformations into a limited partnership, general partnership or capital company;
  • Transforming an entrepreneur into a capital company.


If you are interested in cooperation in the field of transformation of business entities, please contact us:

Our mission is to provide auditing and consulting services with the highest possible standard, both substantive and ethical while respecting the confidentiality of all the information entrusted to us.

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